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Scallywags; Marie-Virgina Grace

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A romantic biography of The Hague’s best known icon in British catering since 1994



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A romantic biography of The Hague’s best known icon in British catering since 1994

“Where will we go for lunch , darling?”
“Somewhere that’s eclectic and daft and feels like home at the
same time. Somewhere that’s more expressionistic than extra
fake-tastic… where the walls are homey and the Wedgewoodblue
ceiling is adorned with sparkles like Queen Victoria’s tiaras;
where melting candles slowly build their own Madam Tussaud
artworks and where the floor gives a blind man a chance to trip
into the seventh heaven of a delicious brothel of authentic, homemade,
fresh British bites and eternally quenching fluids… all
enhanced by a selection of nostalgic music that makes the soul
beg for more. More of the past; a past that was about giving
rather than having. But even rarer than all that, a place where
we are always greeted as friends who have never walked alone,
where there is spontaneous, libertarian discussion and where
the passion of the heart is richer than the entire country’s wealth
in gold and where the values of freedom, consideration and decency
are civil for all”.

Paperback / softback
145 pagina’s
Met illustraties
Mei 2017
114 gram
216 x 140 x 8 mm

ISBN 9789492460165


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